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Why soft water? Why it’s perfectly clear! And so are your dishes and glassware when you clean with soft water! Soap and detergents perform much better in soft water. This means sparkling clean results – not just in your dishwasher but in your wash machine as well! Even in the shower! You will definitely see AND feel the difference! Improved performance with your detergents means using less of them – money kept in your pocket! The reduction of soap scum and hard water deposits will allow your appliances to perform with ease – less chance for costly repairs and replacement!

We offer service on most makes and models of water softeners. We provide both commercial and residential service. We offer water treatment – for both city and rural areas. Free water testing!

Royal Water Financing Options

Royal Water offers several financing options. Purchase your water softener, rent it or take part in our “Lease to Own” program. Give us a call to discuss the various options. Rental option includes full service on the unit.
 Serving: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge,  Guelph and Surrounding Areas.
 Over 30 Years of Experience!
Water Softener Maintenance Guelph
Why A Preventative Maintenance Program?
The primary reason for a company to have a preventive maintenance program in place is to prevent unexpected outages due to equipment failure. Any outage is always inconvenient and sometimes very costly. A proper preventative ...
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